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The Best Way to Prevent Fire in The Family Home

A house fire is one of the worst things that can happen to any homeowner or, in fact, to anyone who lives in a house. Fires are indiscriminate. They destroy everything, leaving nothing but a blackened wreckage or what used to be your house and home. Unfortunately, a house fire can be started very easily, and often without you doing anything dangerous or even a little bit risky. The following tips will help you reduce the risk of fire around your home…

Be careful and attentive when cooking!

Careless cooking is one of the leading causes of house fires. Since cooking uses heat and sometimes even open flames, it is an obvious candidate for one of most dangerous things in the home. Whenever you are cooking (especially on the stove), make sure that you are in the room, paying attention at all times, and keeping flammable objects away from the flame. This is especially important if you are cooking with greasy or oily foods like bacon, as the oils from the food itself can sometimes catch on fire and ‘explode’, often leading to a full blown house fire.

Don’t smoke inside!

Smoking is obviously bad for your health, bad for the health of the people around you, and bad for the environment. However, what you may not realise is that it is one of the biggest causes of house fires. If you or someone in your home smokes, then you should insist that they do it outdoors. This means that they will have less chance of losing track of their cigarette butts and starting a fire with them – usually cigarette fires are started when a butt is dropped in somewhere like couch cushions or bed sheets, which then catch on fire themselves.

Keep fire blankets and/or extinguishers readily accessible at all times!

If a fire does start somewhere in your home, it is important to be able to deal with it and put it out quickly. The best way to do this is usually using a fire blanket, especially if the fire is small and not established. Store fire blankets in places that you can get to easily and quickly, and remember where they are. It is also very important that you understand how to use them! In higher risk areas such as the kitchen or near a wood fireplace you can keep an extinguisher which is in date and which you know how to use. Be careful and stay safe!

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