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Top Tips To Keep Your Home Safe From Electrical Fires

Fires at home are an incredibly dangerous risk that can befall you and your family. An estimated 50 people are killed every year in Australia as a result of accidental house fires. Electrical fires are the main culprit, and can cause tremendous amounts of damage and pose a real threat to you, your loved ones and your home. Thankfully, with a little attention to detail and some precautionary measures, accidental electrical house fires can be prevented. This post hopes to offer advice on how to best safeguard your home from the dangers of these fires, and keep you and your family safe.

Stay Alert for Warning Signs

There are often telltale signs that there is an issue with the electrics somewhere before a fire begins. Watch out for flickering lights, excessive heat coming from switches and any sparks coming from outlets. If you notice any of these problems, it could indicate some serious issues with your homes electrical wiring. Do not ignore these signs – call an electrician as soon as possible to take a professional look.

Use A Licensed Electrician

It might be tempting to ask a friend that knows a little about wiring to take a look at your problem for free. However, it is always advised that you bring in a professional, licensed electrician. Electricity is a lethal force if handled incorrectly.

A Note On Extension Cords

Although extension cords are incredibly useful, they do pose a risk. They are prone to overheating and can actually start a fire if something is wrong with them. Extension cords are best used as a temporary fix. Also, make sure that when you do use your extension that it is in good working condition and fully rolled out. Finally, if you feel any excessive amounts of heat coming from the cord, unplug it immediately – it could be overloaded.

Overloading Is Dangerous

Overloading your outlets is the most common cause of a house fire, so take the following steps to avoid this problem. Do not plug any more than one appliances into a single outlet, and do not rely on the use of extension cords or power boards. If possible, hire an electrician in Perth to install more power outlets for your home instead of using these devices.

Check Smoke Alarms

It is fine and well having smoke alarms, but they are useless if they do not work. It is important to test your alarms monthly and change their batteries yearly when required to make sure they still work.

Keeping your home safe is no easy task, but these tips are a great way to eliminate the risk of electrical fires. Try to adhere to these tips and you will be much less likely to experience an accidental electrical fire at home.

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